speaking (and listening) with authority

There was an old priest, Fr. Cudahy, and Fr. Cudahy had a very hard time writing homilies. No matter how hard he tried they never seemed to come out right. Even after thirty years as a priest, he still had such a hard time writing homilies. Well, he was friends with an old usher named Sam, and he and old Sam used to have a beer together every Friday night. And this one particular Friday night Fr. Cudahay was feeling particularly discouraged and he says to Sam, “Wow, Sam, if you only knew how tiring it is to work on homilies!” And old Sam says, “Well, you know, Father, I sympathize with you. If you only knew how tiring it is to listen to them!”

closing down and opening up

The fifth week in Ordinary Time we heard the story of creation and the fall from the Book of Genesis, the foundational myth of the Judeo-Christian tradition, especially what was the well-known unfortunate climax of the story, Eve and then Adam eating the apple from the tree of in the middle of the Garden of Eden. Finally we hear at end of the week the consequences of that act.